Exton PA Hotel Reviews

“I was also recently on the same business trip as the last review. The hotel is in a nice hotspot so for whatever reason your there, there is always something to do. I want to thanks Elaine, Victoria, and the rest of the staff for giving us the best accommodations especially during the snow storm. Can't wait to go back and see you guys again.“

-- Via TripAdvisor

“I recently stayed at this holiday for a business trip and the staff and management of this hotel went above and beyond to make our stay comfortable. A large snow storm prevented us from making it to our meeting location so the staff quickly prepared the conference room and helped us bring in food for breakfast and dinner as everything in the area had shut down due to the storm.“

-- Via TripAdvisor

“The hotel was great in all respects, but particularly in the help given me by Phil C., one of the maintenance fellows. We had 13-inches of snow, and I had to get to a nearby client. I recently had knee surgery, and had a very hard time clearing the snow from my car. Phil C. rushed out without gloves or a hat (in zero degree weather) to help me clear the snow. (After much urging, he finally did use my gloves). And he offered to warm up my car while I went back in for some breakfast. (Thank you, Phil; I really needed the extra calories!! LOL.)

Again, as I was checking out, Phil C. helped me into my car with a heavy piece of luggage. I stay frequently at Holiday Inns throughout the year, and all of them should have Phil C's.

I was also helped to unload my car upon arrival by Jessica, and treated wonderfully by Sahara and the manager, Victoria. This was wonderful service, and the hotel gets 5 stars!!“

-- Via TripAdvisor

Tuesday June 27, 2017